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Brown bread, also known as whole wheat bread or whole grain bread

That type of bread made from whole wheat flour that retains the bran and germ of the wheat kernel. Unlike white bread, which is made from refined flour, brown bread is less processed and contains more nutrients and dietary fiber.

The appearance of brown bread is characterized by its darker color compared to white bread. It can range from light brown to a deep, rich brown, depending on the specific ingredients and baking process. The texture of brown bread is often denser and heavier compared to white bread, with a more substantial crumb and a slightly chewy texture.

Brown bread has a distinct, nutty flavor that is more pronounced than that of white bread. The presence of the bran and germ in the flour contributes to this rich, earthy taste. It may also have a slightly sweet or malty undertone. The flavor of brown bread can vary depending on the specific recipe and the quality of the wheat used.